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Bagpipes Perth – look no further! Whether you are a seasoned piper or a beginner looking to start the bagpipes, we have a range of bagpipes and accessories to accommodate you.

Our dedicated online store for bagpipes, Perth Piping Centre –

Our Bagpipes

All our bagpipes are crafted in Scotland and are made to the fine standard demanded by the Scottish piping community. We have a range of bagpipes and accessories here in the shop for you to view before buying.

Bagpipes for Beginners

If you have never played the bagpipes before, a good place to start is by buying a practice chanter. Practice chanters are lightweight and easy to play. Practice bagpipe chanters are an inexpensive way for a budding piper to begin experimenting before they progress to a full set of pipes. McCallum Bagpipes are an award winning,  world famous Scottish producer of pipes with an international following. We stock McCallum Practice Chanters, which are a great entry point into piping. The chanters come in three different variations to suit students.

Bagpipe Brands

If you are looking for your first full set of bagpipes, perth,  R J Lyle Bagpipes produce a great quality starter set of bagpipes. These bagpipes are made of the increasingly popular composite material, delrin. RJ Lyle Bagpipes are entirely handcrafted in Scotland and are incredible value for money.

McCallum P1, McCallum P2 and McCallum P3 bagpipes also offer good value and the benefit of being made from black acetyl. This material is perfect for the Australian climate as the chance of damage due to heat is not issue. These bagpipes are easy to clean and have a fantastic tone that is synonymous with McCallum’s reputation.

For those who are looking for a more advanced set of pipes, McCallum ABO bapgipes, comprised of African Blackwood is popular choice for serious pipers. For more information see our range of bagpipes or come in to the shop today to view.