We sell both digital and acoustic pianos at WA Music. While there are some instances in which a digital piano may be the only option, in general we recommend buying an acoustic piano.
For students in small, rented accommodation, or those foreseeing regular house moves in the future, a digital piano may be an attractive option. When volume of playing is an issue
(living with flat mates or if your playing is unbearably bad) having headphones may be helpful. In this case, we would recommend a top quality digital piano. Please note that digital pianos are quite different from keyboards. A keyboard, in our humble option, is essentially a toy piano. For anyone with any commitment to playing, a digital piano is the lowest entry point necessary to learning how to play. A digital piano is different as they have weighted keys that mimic the pressure required to play and high quality acoustics that mimic the tone.

If, however, you are serious about starting the piano and are not living a nomadic lifestyle or boarding with seven other students, we would suggest an acoustic piano. In our opinion an acoustic piano has the following advantages:
• It can be fixed! While pianos do need to be tuned (about once a year at a cost of approx $150) there is no other maintenance required. Providing you buy a good quality piano, it can be fixed and adjusted should a small issue ever arise. In comparison, the inside of most digital pianos look like a NASA control panel and you may be hard pushed to find someone to carry out repairs.
• Quality acoustic pianos retain their value. Rare pianos such as our antique reproducing pianos or our Japanese made refurbished Yamahas are expected to rise in value in the future and, as such, are genuine investments.
• A nice looking acoustic piano is a piece of furniture as well. A good looking upright is an attractive item that will usually be displayed in a public area of the house and be therefore enjoyed by the whole family.
• A piano doesn’t have the gadgetry and sound effects that digitals do. While it might give you a kick to hear your pieces played in ‘harpsichord’ or ‘bells’ at first, it soon becomes a distraction that can interfere with the tonal quality of your playing.
• While price used to be a prohibitive factor in choosing whether or not to buy an acoustic piano, these days this no longer the case. WA Music has a range of options for those people looking for an affordable option from second hand pianos ranging from $1200 upwards, to brand new pianos starting from $2950. Alternative options such as hire or hire to buy also make acoustic pianos an affordable option.
• Digital pianos, however good they may be, can in our opinion, never replicate the exact sound and feel of a real piano. To explore and work on the expression, touch and intonation in your playing an acoustic piano is an irreplaceable instrument.
Whether you are interested in an acoustic or a digital piano, we can help you find a piano within your budget that will be suited to your specific situation. Come in to WA Music to have a chat to us about your needs today.