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McCallum Bagpipes

McCallum Bagpipes were formed in 1998 by existing partners, company directors Stuart McCallum and Kenny MacLeod. Stuart and Kenny had known each other for years through piping before starting the company, having both been members of the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band.

Kenny was already selling practice chanters made by Stuart when he was in California. They were an instant success so when Kenny came back in 1998 they decided to join forces and develop bagpipes and pipe chanters.

The company started out under the crammed conditions of a shed in the McCallum Timber Buildings yard in Kilmarnock’s Moorfield Industrial Estate, but quickly outgrew its surroundings and moved to a self contained unit nearby which enabled the company to increase its workforce and manufacturing capability. In the following years, the company has continued to outgrow itself and expand its output.

In a short period of time, McCallum Bagpipes has developed into the world’s leading bagpipe makers. Why?

  • We started in in 1998 with 3 people; we now have 34,
  • We manufacture 40 sets of bagpipes every week, along with smallpipespipe chanterspractice chanters and reeds,
  • We make all these products in our factory, we don’t buy any component parts from anywhere else,
  • We control the quality of all of our products and don’t have to rely on any other makers for supplies,
  • Most of our team are pipers and take great pride in there work. They want to be associated with the finest bagpipes and will always give you their best advice and assistance.

McCallum Bagpipes now occupies 10,000 square feet of unit space comprising our fantastic factory and beautifully appointed showroom dealing in bagpipes, smallpipes, percussion and highlandwear under one roof.

You can be sure when you buy a McCallum Bagpipes instrument that you are making a sound investment.

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