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RJ Lyle Bagpipes

RJ Lyle bagpipes are made in Scotland from Delrin which is an advanced composite material ideal for the manufacture of bagpipes. Over the last five years there has been a considerable growth in the sales of Delrin bagpipes.

Delrin has approximately the same density of the traditional material for bagpipe making, African Blackwood, but Delrin is more robust, and will not split, which can be a problem with traditional blackwood pipes.  Delrin pipes also produce an excellent bagpipe sound.

African Blackwood is now a protected species and there is a growing sensitivity around the use of this increasingly rare and endangered wood for the making of Bagpipes.

RJ Lyle bagpipes come complete with synthetic bag, chanter reed, drone reeds, cords and bag cover, and are “ready to play”.  They also have a 10 year warranty.

We also offer a big range of accessories for your RJ Lyle pipes. Come in to our store to try them out for yourself!