McCallum AB0 Bagpipes


McCallum AB0 bagpipes are manufactured from fully combed and beaded African Blackwood featuring classic style blackwood projecting mounts, with beaded alloy ferrules, and allow slides and ringcaps.

The McCallum AB0 bagpipes are for players looking for a traditional set of wooden pipes with a fantastic tone. McCallum pipes have a longstanding international following amongst pipers around the world and are renowned for their consistency and quality.

McCallum African Blackwood Bagpipes come with a plain alloy mouthpiece with a McCallum plastic pipe chanter and come with a corded bag cover.


  • Blackwood projecting mounts
  • Alloy Ferrules and slides
  • Alloy ringcaps
  • Plain alloy mouthpiece
  • Synthetic drone reeds
  • Bannatyne synthetic zipped pipe bag
  • Bag zip lubricant
  • Corded bag cover with velcro seal
  • Silk Cords
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