Why Refurbished Yamaha Pianos ?

Refurbished pianos can be a very attractive option to customers as they can represent great value for money. A lot of manufacturers that have previously made instruments in Japan, Germany and the U.S have now moved their operations to China and Indonesia to reduce costs. Many musicians and teachers favor refurbished pianos as they were made to extremely high specifications. Once properly refurbished they are highly attractive aesthetically as well as musically. Our refurbished Yamaha pianos are a superb example of this.


Where Do Our Refurbished Pianos Come From ?

100% from Japan. They are 100% made in Japan and most importantly, 100% refurbished in Japan. Our staff travel to Japan several times of year to fully inspect and hand pick every single piano before it has undergone any treatment. This is important to check for issues like water damage, cracked soundboards, loose pins, rust or structural issues.

Yamaha UX3 Upright Piano

Yamaha UX3 upright piano

The Golden Era of Piano Making

The period form the 1970’s to the mid 1980’s in Hamamatsu, Japan is often referred to as “The Golden Era of Piano Making”. This was an era when Japan was going through an economic and manufacturing boom. No expense was spared in establishing Japanese companies as front runners in their field. Many musicians believe the best pianos were made during this era.






Are These Pianos Suitable for Australian Conditions ?

Often we are asked if these refurbished Yamaha pianos are suitable for Australian conditions. There are webpages floating around suggesting that pianos are designed to specifically suit a region. Don’t forget that Australia is a continent. We have several climatic zones with a range of conditions. Are pianos destined for Darwin designed differently than pianos for Tasmania ?  The vast majority of pianos on the Australian market are imported and in our experience have no more climatic induced issues than the few Australian made pianos. Even within Japan itself there are different climatic zones.

WE HAVE BEEN SELLING THESE PIANOS FOR MANY YEARS AND HAVE NOT HAD ONE ISSUE CAUSED BY THE PERTH CLIMATE. Not one. All pianos are at the mercy of there environment .ie near aircon, windows, steamy kitchens/bathrooms etc. These can cause havoc on tuning stability etc. Our experience is that the refurbished Yamaha pianos are less likely to succumb to the perils of our climate.


What about Warranty and Parts Replacement ?

All our refurbished Yamaha pianos come with full 10 year warranty. This means that we will fix any problems you may have. The most likely issues that may arise with any new or refurbished pianos will be things like sticking keys etc. Rest assured, Parts are readily available.