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We have an assortment of saxophone mouthpieces should you require a spare/replacement. Come on in and check our supply!

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Discover high-quality assorted saxophone mouthpieces, ideal for beginner saxophonists and perfect replacements for branded mouthpieces. Our selection offers great value, with sturdy and well-made options that serve as an affordable alternative to Yamaha and other leading brands. Elevate your saxophone playing with our budget-friendly assorted saxophone mouthpieces today!

An alto saxophone mouthpiece is a critical component of the saxophone that serves several important functions. These include sound production, tone control, reed attachment, articulation and expression, and comfort and playability. It is a critical component that allows saxophonists to produce music with control, expression, and precision. The choice of mouthpiece can have a significant impact on a player’s sound and style.

In order to attach a reed to an alto saxophone mouthpiece, position the reed on the mouthpiece so that the tip of the reed lines up with the tip of the mouthpiece. The reed should cover the entire facing of the mouthpiece. Then, place the ligature over the reed and mouthpiece, ensuring that it lines up with the reed and mouthpiece’s alignment. The ligature is a metal or plastic clamp-like device that holds the reed securely in place. After this, tighten the screws on the ligature evenly but not excessively. The reed should be held firmly but not too tightly, as excessive pressure can affect the reed’s vibration and sound. Make sure the ligature is centered over the reed. Ensure that the reed is still aligned properly with the mouthpiece’s tip and that there are no visible gaps or unevenness between the reed and the mouthpiece.

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