McCallum Bagpipes – Black Acetyl – P2


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P2 Black Acetyl

Comes with:

  • Synthetic zipper bag
  • Corded bag cover (with velcro seal)
  • Silk cords
  • 10 year no quibble guarantee
  • Ezeedrone drone reeds
  • Shepherd (medium) pipe chanter reed
  • McCallum Backpack Bagpipe Case



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McCallum Bagpipes – Black Acetyl – P2 (Fully Combed and Beaded)

Why the Acetyl range?

These pipes are a very popular starter set as they are easy to play but also as an instrument which can be used for long parades in all climates (even the Aussie heat!). They are extremely durable, with a construction that limits and prevents cracks from forming. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, so are ideal for passing on from one band member to another, or one learner to another. These bagpipes are a great transition to blackwood pipes.

All McCallum black Acetyl bagpipes have a 10 year no quibble guarantee but if you look after them well, they can last a lifetime.


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