R J Lyle Bagpipes DB1


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R J Lyle Bagpipes DB1 

Our dedicated piping website: https://perthpipingcentre.com.au/products/r-j-lyle-bagpipes-db1

These R J Lyle Bagpipes DB1 are a great choice for students looking for a beginner set of pipes. R J Lyle bagpipes are made in Scotland using made with quality Delrin. These pipes are durable and free blowing. For more information read about our range of bagpipes:  https://www.wamusic.com.au/bagpipes-perth-western-australia/

WA Music is not an “online only” business working from a private house, as some customers have asked. WA Music is a large Bona Fide retail business with two large shops in Innaloo, and a warehouse in Osborne Park. Unlike an online only business working from a private house, people interested in bagpipes do not need an appointment to visit WA Music and view the range of piping products. Bagpipes can also be demonstrated in-store.

Although WA Music has a large range of products, the owner and director of the company (who is Scottish) has a special interest in bagpipes and played as a boy in Scotland. We would very much like to reach out to the bagpipe community in Australia and we will try to match (or better) any prices on bagpipe products. This is in line with our company philosophy of low prices and high level of customer service, which these days is an essential prerequisite in the Darwinian struggle of Australian music retail.

R J Lyle Bagpipes DB1

  • Quality Delrin bagpipes
  • Fully made in Scotland
  • Complete with all cords, chanter reed, drone reeds and synthetic zipped bag
  • With ferrules and fully combed
  • Ready to play? Great tone!


For more videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1PVCI6vVRUXSmaWDJsRcA/videos