RJ Lyle Practice Chanter


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RJ Lyle Practice Chanter :

These quality practice chanters are made in Scottland using delryn. These are the ultimate practice chanter for tone and play ability. We highly recommend all pipers in Perth to come and visit our piping studio and try out this product as well as others for yourself. RJ Lyle products are exclusively available at WA Music.

The WA and Australian piping scene is growing consistently; more schools and individuals are undertaking lessons and joining bands. With this increase, we are experiencing an increased demand for a cheap, high quality practice chanter. The RJ Lyle practice chanter encompasses this perfectly. For $65 you get a durable practice chanter with accurate intonation and a lovely tone.

For this reason, the R J Lyle practice chanter is an ideal piece of equipment for schools, piping bands and solo pipers.



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