Stomvi Zenith (Satin Lacquer)


Stomvi Zenith Silver Plate

The Stomvi Zenith is an entry level trumpet, but in reality, it belongs in the upper echelons of student trumpets. As with all trumpets by this fantastic Spanish manufacturer, Stomvi has gone above and beyond, creating a horn that belongs in both the hands of beginners and advanced students alike.

The Zenith is a beautifully balanced instrument with super fast valves and great intonation. Most importantly, this trumpet will make the young player want to continue playing!

And no, your eyes do not deceive you; that is a satin lacquer finish. This kind of finish is incredibly rare on trumpets in this price range. Not only does it look great, it adds a smooth, velvet layer to the tone as well!

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Stomvi Zenith (Satin Lacquer)