Camac Telenn 34 Gut String Lever Harp Walnut




Camac Telenn 34 Gut String Lever Harp

The Camac Telenn 34 string lever harp is now available at W.A Music Co. Comparable to the Hermine model, it is equipped with gut strings. Due to it’s small size and light weight it is the perfect beginner or travelling instrument, and also ideal for younger harpists. 

 Height: 146 cm 

 Weight: 12 kg

 Range: 34 strings, A1 – C34

 Stringing: nylon for gut-strung harp (A1 – F3) 

                classical gauge gut (E4 – D26)

                lever harp bass wires (C27 – C34)

Woods: maple and beech for the body and spruce for the soundboard


Please note, 


Comes with a padded travel bag.