Cello Bows

Cello Bows

Cello bows are used to play a cello to produce a sound. They are usually made from synthetic material or from Wood.

Wooden Bows

Most traditional bows are made out of wood. The best woods are very hard, yet flexible. Pernambuco is the most prized wood for making cello and violin bows. It grows in Brazil and is increasingly rare. The Brazilian government have introduced new laws to protect this precious wood. It is part of the brazilwood genus which also includes other popular woods for cello bows.


Recently there have been a lot more carbon fiber bows on the market.

Carbon fiber Bows

Carbon fiber bows are renowned for there strength and durability. They tend to be a little stiffer than wood bows.

cello bows

Bow hair

Bow hair is generally made from horse hair. The best type of hair is Mongolian mare hair. It is strong and durable. There are an increasing number of synthetic haired bows on the market today.

Where to buy Cello Bows

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