Steinmeyer 300GF Gold-Plated Professional Trumpet – Clearance


The Steinmeyer 300GF Gold-Plated Professional trumpet is the perfect choice for an advanced player. These beautifully made professional trumpets have a brilliant intonation and have the free blowing qualities which makes them suitable for orchestral or jazz performance.

Bob Barnard, Australia’s acclaimed jazz trumpet player plays on a Steinmeyer trumpet.

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Steinmeyer 300GF Gold-Plated Professional Trumpet

This beautiful Steinmeyer 300GF Gold-Plated Professional Trumpet is now on clearance!

Features and inclusions:

  • Premium Case with straps, frontal pocket and a case cover
  • Gold-Plated Trumpet
  • Abalone shell inlay buttons
  • 7C Mouthpiece

Before deciding which trumpet is best for you, you should think ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What sort of budget do you have?  Remember, as with most things in life; you get what you pay for – so it’s worth saving your pennies to get the best you can.
  • What type of sound are you after?Do you want a bright ‘lazerbeam’ noise which cuts across a jazz band or a big band, or a soft ‘golden’ tone which will help you blend into a brass band or to play a beautiful melody?
  • How clumsy are you? We all think of brass as hardy, but trumpets are surprisingly easy to damage, and the slightest dent can make a difference. So, if you’re accident-prone, factor this in.
  • How strong are you? Pocket trumpets can work well for young children due to their size but aren’t ideal for adults due to the poor sound quality.

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Bob Barnard took Australian jazz to a global high note (


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