Camac Classical Isolde 38-string Harps


Available in an elegant Walnut Finish

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Camac Classical Isolde 38-string Harps :

A homage to Wagner’s famous opera, the Classical Isolde is the quintessence of our master craftsmen’s passionate work. This superbly constructed harp is equipped with Kürschner fluorocarbon strings. Their tension is identical to that of concert harps, with a rich, round sound, and exceptional tone quality – all ideal for classical repertoire. These strings are also very stable in comparison to gut strings, sound beautiful and are fantastically durable.


The harp is an instrument filled with beauty in both its appearance and its sound. It is perfect for delicate melodies or pretty chords. Camac Classical Isolde 38-string Harps produce an immaculate tone – something French harp makers (like Camac) have really pioneered.


At WA Music, we have a big selection of over 10 harps (apart from the instruments that sell)! We also offer harps to hire/rent if you aren’t ready to buy. We encourage anyone interested in the harp or music in general, to come visit our store and try out our instruments for yourself. Also, we recommend calling before visiting in regards to harps, so we can ensure all the instruments are tuned and ready!


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