Kayserburg 132 Upright Piano

This German designed Kayserburg 132 Upright Piano piano is a very impressive upright piano at an unbelievable price.

Suitable as a family piano, the Kayserburg upright has a superb tone, from the powerful bass notes right through the range. One of the key differences is the height of this piano – being  132 cm high, it also has longer keys, a larger soundboard and longer bass strings. These pianos use only the finest German parts –  Roslau Strings and Louis Renner Premium hammers.

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The Kayserburg 132 Upright Piano did well in a a blind test when it was compared to more expensive European pianos. 90% of the judging players, both technicians and musicians, voted the Kayserburg to be the most expensive of the pianos.

Visit our piano showroom and try one out for yourselves.  Comes in different colours.