Kayserburg UH132 Upright Piano (Quilted Mahogany)

The Kayserburg UH132 Upright Pianos (Quilted Mahogany) have been designed by world-renowned piano designer Lothar Thomma, who started with the basics of German precision craftsmanship to create a piano based on the latest expertise in international music and science technology. Kayserburg pianos have been created to fully satisfy the demands of today’s piano market.

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The Kayserburg UH132 Upright Pianos (Quilted Mahogany) features:

  • Designed by master piano craftsman Lothar Thomma, world-renowned master piano designer known for his superb craftsmanship and quality management.
  • Action is manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship. All wood parts made from hard maple and produced by advanced CNC digital machinery to ensure the highest level of playability.
  • Louis Renner premium hammers of the finest quality, combining elasticity and perfectly adjusted hardness to produce bright and rich tones. Hammers are made of 100% virgin wool, and constructed with high-quality underfelt for optimal performance.
  • Solid laminated maple bridge, ensuring accurate and precise transfer of sound. This results in the purest of sounds with reduced overtones.
  • The finest Roslau string wire from this famous German wire manufacturer. Roslau wire is renowned foir producing the highest quality sound in both upright and grand pianos. The highly resonant bass strings are copper-wound and carefully matched for optimal results in each model in the range.
  • European traditional craftsmanship is combined with advanced modern technology to optimise build quality of each Schumann piano. The best of two worlds coming together to produce the finest sound.
  • High quality damperfelt made in Europe on each and every key for the highest level of playability and tone.
  • Lumber is naturally seasoned for years, then processed in kilns which are controlled by a specialist computer program. An advanced facility designed strictly for processing ensures all wood parts are in stable condition for all climates.
  • All keys made of spruce, CNC processed in a specialist production process.
  • Traditional sand-cast, high gloss plate produced to very fine tolerances. This produces a warmer, richer sound, with less obtrusive overtones.