Yamaha UX Refurbished Upright Piano (SN2458133)


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The Yamaha UX Piano SN2458133 is a premier choice for musicians who value superior sound quality and craftsmanship. This model features a rich, resonant tone, responsive touch, and elegant design, making it ideal for both professional and home use. With advanced acoustic technology and premium materials, the Yamaha UX Piano offers a performance that rivals that of grand pianos.

Refurbishment on our pianos:

  • New keytops
  • New front rail felt washers and paper levelling washers
  • New balance rail feet washers and paper levelling washers
  • New key front and middle bushing (inside feet)
  • Back rail cloth replaced
  • Hammer head reshaped
  • Cabinetry – minor scratches cut and polished out resprayed if necessary.
  • Brass work polished
  • Loop string
  • Bridle strap replaced if required
  • Full interior clean

This Yamaha UX Piano SN2458133 comes with: 

  • 10-year warranty
  • New bench stool
  • Free delivery (Perth Metro, max 4 stairs and
  • Free in-house tuning within six months of purchase

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