Scott Cao Violin Outfit

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Scott Cao Violin Outfit

We believe the Scott Cao Violin to be the best value in an entry level violin outfit. Hand carved by a group of skilled luthiers trained by Scott Cao himself. This violin features Indian ebony fingerboard and rosewood trim.

Unlike most factory made instruments, ours are fully hand carved by a group of skilled makers trained by Scott Cao’s students. These instruments feature carved scroll, carved tops, back arching and beautifully applied hand-painted varnish. These instruments are graduated by hand and finished according to the specifications of the traditional style.

“Scott Cao Violins – The Best String Instrument Resource In The World.”

Scott Shu-kun Cao is listed among the best-known contemporary violin makers in the world. His instruments are currently in the hands of soloists, famous professional players and collectors. For their tonal quality, Scott’s instruments are renowned. Among makers, Scott’s violins are said to not only project a beautiful sound but are also aesthetically superior.

For over ten years, Scott Cao has been copying famous violin models. Due to his vast experience, Scott Cao can individually tailor make instruments for any player’s tonal requirements. He can vary one particular violin model to meet your preference of tone. For example, if you need a darker powerful tone, Scott can make a “Cannon” del Gesu Guarneri or a “Soil” Strad copy. If you prefer a sweet, clear and open tone, Scott can make a “Kreisler” del Gesu Guarneri or a “David Oistrakh” Strad.