Cecilia Signature Formula Viola Rosin


The Signature Formula introduces a brand new ‘Liquid Form Blending Method’. This new blending process enhances the purity of the rosin as well as increasing the preservation of the original chemical properties of the secret rosin formula. Each individual rosin ingredient is melted slowly until it becomes liquid. It is then dispensed through a special filtering screen and the ingredients are blended together.

CECILIA rosin is the new name for ANDREA rosin starting in 2020.

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Cecilia Signature Formula Viola Rosin is a new formula for Cecilia Rosin. This rosin provides a unique bowing sensation, giving a clearly defined reaction when the bow meets the string. This rosin marks a significant development in rosin formula from Cremona in America. It helps the bow to give rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite. This rosin also comes with a little scourer to help mark the surface for the first use.