Kreddle Viola Chin Rest – Centre Mount


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The Kreddle Chin Rest is the only fully adjustable Viola Chin Rest so you get the most comfortable fit.
Features Include
  • Interchangeable snap-on chin plates offering two different contours. The contours were derived from testing which demonstrated two overall shapes to players’ jaws; one taller and sharper, and one rounded and thicker.
  • Fully adjustable-every angle of the Kreddle CHIN REST can be adjusted. See the angles of adjustment >
  • Hypoallergenic. The Kreddle Chin Rest uses a range of extremely tough fiber composites for parts requiring strength. The chin plates are made of the same material used for water bottles ensuring safe skin contact. Note that many of the hardwoods (ebony, rosewood, etc.) used for ordinary non-adjustable chin rests contain poisonous oils that the trees produce to repel pests. These oils are known skin and lung irritants and are not safe to work with without masks. The Kreddle CHIN REST does not suffer from these drawbacks.
  • Once a comfortable position of the Kreddle CHIN REST is found, the position can be securely locked into place with the supplied hex key.
  • Viola playing is a constantly evolving life long process of discovery. The ability to continually modify the position of the Kreddle CHIN REST facilitates this process of discovery to a degree never before possible.
  • The most important tool with regard to healthy and musical playing is a well fitting chin rest. To learn more about how the Kreddle CHIN REST can help your playing, see WHY KREDDLE>.
  • For more detailed information regarding set up, and how to operate the Kreddke CHIN REST, see our  KREDDLE YouTube videos, and read our Kreddle Tips.