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Viola players worldwide love Jargar Classic Viola Strings for their exceptional quality and renowned sound. Originating from Denmark, these strings have a steel core and are precision-wound with chrome steel. This ensures durability, responsiveness, and stable pitch. They produce a warm, rich tone with excellent projection, perfect for classical to contemporary music styles. Whether in orchestral settings or solo performances, these strings deliver a balanced and nuanced sound, appealing to both amateur and professional violists.

Musicians seeking reliability and tonal richness choose Jargar Classic for their consistent quality. These strings offer a warm, classic tone along with durability and responsiveness. They’re versatile for violists at all skill levels, whether beginners or experienced performers. With Jargar Classic Viola Strings, your viola playing experience is sure to improve.

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A, C, D, G

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Dolce, Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium, Forte