Jay Haide L’Ancienne Cello – Goffriller

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Jay Haide L’Ancienne Goffriller Cello

This distinctive instrument is the only Jay Haide L’ANCIENNE Groffiller you will find in Australia. 

All Jay Haide cellos are treated in the WA Music workshop by our luthier. The instruments are professionally set-up, to achieve the best sound and playability for the instrument.

This Jay Haide L’Ancienne Goffriller Cello has the following features:

  • Wittner geared pegs
  • Despiau Belgian bridge
  • German Akusticus tailpiece
  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Strings.
  • Wider body model
  • Broad, rich, dark sound

This Jay Haide cello is now available in our store and can be played in our trial room.

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