Stefano Marzi Viola (Giorgio Grisales Workshop)

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This hand-made, modern Italian viola was made by Stefano Marzi, just outside of Cremona, Italy.

This viola is made from the highest quality European spruce and maple and has a bright, brilliant voice. This is a perfect viola for a player looking for a life-long instrument as popular modern Italian violas are known to appreciate in value and develop in tone over time.

The Stefano Marzi viola comes with a certificate of authenticity by the maker.


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Stefano Marzi Viola

Stefano makes violas on various Montagnana, Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini and Storioni models. The wood he uses is Balkan maple and local maple for the bottom. For the soundboard, Stefano chooses spruce from Paneveggio forest, located in Fiemme valley.

Giorgio Grisales was born in 1963. He moved to Cremona in 1982 where he began his first approach to the art of violinmaking. In 1988 he graduated at the “International School of Violinmaking” and was issued a diploma in bowmaking after attending a course organized by the “Regione Lombardia”.

The Stefano Marzi Viola comes with Certificate.

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