YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

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Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

  • 3 year warranty 

The Yamaha YAS-280 alto saxophone is truly in a class of its own.  It is the perfect saxophone for a student.

The Perfect Student Saxophone

The body of the YAS-280 is light-weight and ergonomically designed. This makes it easy to hold and play, therefore great for students. As to be expected from Yamaha, getting a great sound out of this sax is easy. The tonal colour and intonation are fantastic. Altogether this is an excellent instrument that encourages budding musicians.

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone with case


The Instrument

The YAS-280 is a new model for 2012, modelled off the highly renowned YAS-275 saxophone. The YAS 280 features:

  • a better neck receiver
  • a new low B-C# connection for a quicker response

Comes with a fitted carry case and basic maintenance kit.