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Music Rentals Terms and Conditions

The signing of our rental agreement binds the hirer to monthly ongoing payments until the return of the instrument and the finalisation of the contract.

Rental payments are direct debited through a credit card or VISA/ Mastercard debit card. An EFTPOS card without the debit logo cannot be used for payments. The hirer is responsible for having accessible funds available for their ongoing deductions.

The hirer will sign a contract agreeing to notify Music Rentals. should their contact details change during the course of the hire.

If a scheduled payment is declined, the hirer will be notified by email. Should the payments be declined for three months, the hirer will be liable for a weekly administration charge on top of the hire costs until the amount owing is settled. In the case of the hire payments lapsing for a period of five months and/ or the hirer not responding to contact made by Music Rentals, the contract will be handed on to an investigative team. The expense for the investigation and/ or debt collection service will then be passed on to the hirer.

Broken/ Faulty/ Damaged Goods

Whilst an instrument is in the possession of a hirer, all due care must be taken to protect the instrument from damage.

In the case of damage caused to an instrument through, e.g. the instrument being dropped, Music Rentals should be informed immediately by the hirer and the instrument should be brought to our retail shop for inspection and repair. In the case of damage by the hirer, Music Rentals will fix the instrument at the expense of the hirer. A replacement instrument will not be provided in this case.

If the instrument in the hirer’s possession is faulty it should be returned to Music Rentals immediately. If the fault in the instrument is not due to damage, we will attempt to fix the instrument within a 24 hour period or swap over the instrument directly so that the hirer is not disadvantaged.

On return of the instrument at the end of the hire, Music Rentals requests that any damage or problem with the instrument is reported at the time of return, by the hirer. If the damage or problem is deemed by Music Rentals to be general wear and tear, the hirer will not be liable for any damage expense.

Music Rentals exercises the right to determine who is liable for any expenses to be paid by a hiring party. Music Rentals will make all decisions concerning the above policy in good faith, with a willingness to operate fairly and in cooperation with our customers.