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Hiring an instrument allows you to begin learning straight away.

When you hire, you minimize the risk of paying up front for an instrument you may not continue with. For stringed instruments, it often makes sense to hire as children need a series of different sizes as they grow.

We have a 3 month minimum hire period for all new hires.

Payment for the initial 3 month hire is taken when you collect the instrument. Subsequent payments are deducted monthly from a credit card until the instrument is returned.

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Hire Prices for 2023 (monthly rate)

Violin $28 Flute $30 Trumpet $30
Viola $30 Clarinet $30 Trombone $40
Cello $40 Saxophone Alto $48 French horn single From $60
Double bass $90 Saxophone tenor $55 French horn kinder  From $60
Harp ( 20-23 string lap harp) $40 Oboe  From $85 French horn double  From $70
Harp 34 strings $150 Bassoon From $260 Baritone From $45
Piano From $88 Euphonium $100

(Other instruments may be available on request)

Piano Hire

If you are a beginner, or have a child interested in learning piano, piano hire is a fantastic option.

With a minimum hire period of only 3 months, it enables you to try out learning, without the hassle and expense of buying, tuning and moving a piano, which may sit unused taking up space if you choose not to continue.

Hiring a piano is easy and takes about 10 to 15 minutes in store.

Simply come in, view our range and choose the piano that best suits your needs and/ or your house.

The pianos we stock range in price from $66 to $99 depending on their age and height.

A $66 piano will be of a lesser known brand, usually with a wooden finish. Pianos in the $77 range are our most popular choice. They are usually older style Yamaha and Kawai pianos.

An $88 or $99 piano will be a newer, taller piano with longer strings.

Delivery will be $150 ( including pick up at the end of the hire) if you are within 20km of the CBD. Delivery can usually be arranged within a week.

Please note – delivery is only to ground floor. If your house has any more than three steps it will need to be delivered by a separate company, thereby attracting a higher delivery fee.

All you need to hire is a WA driver’s licence and a credit card as well as the first three months of hire payments and the delivery fee.

We ask that customers come to choose the piano they would like to hire as they vary in size, colour and tone.

The piano will be tuned to concert pitch and regulated before it is delivered  with a stool.

In less than a week, for less than $300 you could be starting your dream of learning the piano!

Hiring Strings

Stringed instrument hire is a great option if you would like to have a go at learning, or if you have a child who will be progressing through the sizes as they grow.


Our stringed instruments come in the following sizes:

Violins: 1/16 to 4/4

Violas: 11” to 16.5”

Cellos: 1/16 to 4/4

Double Basses: 1/8 to 4/4.

We are happy to size you for an instrument at any time in store.

All hire stringed instruments come with all the accessories you need to begin playing. Included with the instruments are:

  • Violins and violas are hired with a case, a bow and a rosin.
  • Cellos are hired with a bow, a padded bag and rosin.
  • Double Basses are hired with a bow and a padded bag.

Hiring Brass

Your hire brass instrument comes with everything you need to start playing.

All instruments come with a protective carry case. We hire reputable brands and all instruments have been thoroughly cleaned and serviced before being hired.

Special note to Brass hirers:

From time to time mouthpieces get stuck in brass instruments. If this happens to the instrument you are hiring, please do not try to force it out. This is sometimes a quick  fix in the shop using a special tool, however often attempts to release a mouthpiece by other means causes irreparable damage to the instrument. If you have any questions about this or any other issue relating to problems with brass instruments, please contact our service centre on 9244 9559.

Woodwind Hire

For flutes, clarinets saxophones, oboes and bassoons:

Your hire woodwind instrument comes with everything you need to start playing.

Clarinets, saxophones and oboes come with cork grease and two reeds. Additional reeds must be purchased by the hirer.

All instruments come with a protective case. We suggest that you either buy or make a cleaning cloth as drying out the inside of your instrument will ensure that the pads are not liable to suffer moisture damage. Please ask us if you would like any more information on how to take care of your hire instrument.

To hire you will need:
  • A WA driver’s licence (or passport plus proof of address)
  • A credit/ debit card – details must be given to WA Music in person when you collect the instrument for security and future payments.

Hires are completed on the day in our retail shop where you can fill in the paperwork and pick up the instrument.

Hire to Buy Pianos

If you would like to purchase a piano without the upfront cost or risk of ending up with an unwanted instrument, please enquire about our hire to buy piano plans.

  •  Plans are only available from time to time on particular pianos.
  • Pianos available vary according to our stock levels.
  • Monthly payments are dependent on the purchase price of the piano, divided over 36 months.