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Trade In Policy

Please note that we do not buy back instruments. Whilst trade ins are not offered on all shop items, there are sometimes options for trade ins for people looking to upsize or upgrade an instrument.

The following guidelines apply to our trade-ins without exceptions:

  • Trade-ins are only accepted on instruments that have been maintained to a high standard and show no signs of obvious damage or neglect.
  • We only accept instrument bought through our store as trade-ins.
  • Trade-ins are not accepted on second hand instruments, except in the case of vintage stringed instruments where the original purchase value is in excess of $1000.00
  • The trade-in price will be determined on the need for servicing of the instrument, the condition of the instrument and the need for the replacement of parts.
  • The trade-in price will not be commensurate with the price you may receive through a private sale. We are happy to advise you of an approximate second-hand value of your instrument should you wish to sell it privately.
  • The trade-in price will be set by WA Music Co at the time of presenting the instrument.

For further details, please come in and see us with your instrument and we can take you through your trade-in/ or private sale options.

Returns & Exchanges

If the item you purchased is faulty we will happily assist you in repairing, replacing or refunding the product.

We do not, however, offer refunds if you simply change your mind.

We are happy to provide an exchange for a product of the same or greater value providing the product has not been used.

Instrument Lending

Occasionally, we are asked to lend out instruments for customers to try for a period of time.

We wish to advise that, regrettably, we do not lend out instruments for the purpose of a proposed sale under any circumstance. We understand that it is a difficult process to choose an instrument. Unfortunately, however, as a small business, we have needed to instigate this policy for the following reasons:

  • We have sustained financial losses when instruments have been damaged and/ or not returned within the agreed time frame.
  • Without the physical space to have multiple instruments of the same size and model when an instrument is away, it prevents another customer from seeing or trying it meaning potential loss of sales.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in this matter. We welcome any player to spend as long as they like trying any instrument on our premises as well as inviting others to assist in the process of selection.

Free Piano Tune

This policy relates to the ‘free tune’ that is included in certain piano sale contracts. Please see the following points for any queries relating to this offer:

  • If a ‘free tune’ is included as a part of a piano sale, the booking of this tune needs to be initiated by the piano buyer.
  • We advise this ‘free tune’ to be booked roughly between two and three months after the sale and delivery of the piano for optimised sound and value.
  • The buyer may contact WA Music Co anytime within the first six months to arrange this piano tune.
  • If the ‘free tune’ has not been booked within the first six months after the sale of the piano unfortunately it is forfeited.

If you have any other queries relating to piano tuning or this free tune offer, please contact us on 9244 9559.

Hire Instrument Policy


The signing of our rental agreement binds the hirer to monthly ongoing payments until the return of the instrument and the finalisation of the contract.

Rental payments are direct debited through a credit card or VISA/ Mastercard debit card. An EFTPOS card without the debit logo cannot be used for payments. The hirer is responsible for having accessible funds available for their ongoing deductions.

The hirer will sign a contract agreeing to notify WA Music Co. should their contact details change during the course of the hire.

If a scheduled payment is declined, the hirer will be notified by email. Should the payments be declined for three months, the hirer will be liable for a weekly administration charge on top of the hire costs until the amount owing is settled. In the case of the hire payments lapsing for a period of five months and/ or the hirer not responding to contact made by WA Music Co, the contract will be handed on to an investigative team. The expense for the investigation and/ or debt collection service will then be passed on to the hirer.

Broken/ Faulty/ Damaged Goods

Whilst an instrument is in the possession of a hirer, all due care must be taken to protect the instrument from damage.

In the case of damage caused to an instrument through, e.g. the instrument being dropped, WA Music Co should be informed immediately by the hirer  and the instrument should be brought to our retail shop for inspection and repair. In the case of damage by the hirer, WA Music will fix the instrument at the expense of the hirer. A replacement instrument will not be provided in this case.

If the instrument in the hirer’s possession is faulty it should be returned to WA Music Co immediately. If the fault in the instrument is not due to damage, we will attempt to fix the instrument within a 24 hour period or swap over the instrument directly so that the hirer is not disadvantaged.

On return of the instrument at the end of the hire, WA Music requests that any damage or problem with the instrument is reported at the time of return, by the hirer. If the damage or problem is deemed by WA Music Co to be general wear and tear, the hirer will not be liable for any damage expense.

WA Music Co exercises the right to determine who is liable for any expenses to be paid by a hiring party. WA Music Co will make all decisions concerning the above policy in good faith, with a willingness to operate fairly and in cooperation with our customers.

Privacy Policy

WA Music Co takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. We will never sell or give your details to any other company without your permission. If you supply us with your postal address, email or mobile number we may use it to keep you informed of our latest offers. If you do not wish to receive such information, please contact us to let us know on:

Visit us in-store or call our friendly team

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