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We service all string, brass and woodwind instruments at WA Music in our service department by our team of trained repairers.

Please note: Due to time constraints we cannot accept brass and woodwind instruments for servicing that are not bought through WA Music.

All instruments are serviced on the premises. If the instrument needs to leave the shop for a second opinion, we will inform you. Having a repair centre in house, means that problems can be quickly rectified, as well as keeping the cost down for our customers.

The work completed in a general service is outlined in our instrument services section. The price listed refers to a service where no extra work is required. If there are other issues to be addressed during the service, this price may vary.

Please let us know if the instrument has been dropped or damaged in any way when you leave it for servicing so that we can quickly identify the area of issue.

If there is a problem with the instrument after servicing, the servicing department needs to be notified with 48 hours.

How much does servicing cost?

Please note: Due to time constraints, we cannot accept outside instruments for servicing. Unfortunately, our servicing is only available for instruments under warranty from our shop. Please call for servicing times and availability.

Brass and Woodwind:

Servicing costs are dependent on the instrument. If the instrument requires repair or more extensive work, there may be an additional charge. A basic service entails the following:

  • Stripping and cleaning of the instrument
  • Pressure testing (where applicable)
  • Regulation
  • Oiling of valves (where applicable)
  • Treatment of pads (where applicable)

The following are basic service prices:

Trumpet, Trombone $95 Oboe $200
Clarinet $110 French Horn $140
Flute $110 Tuba, Tenor $120
Saxophone $120

Stringed Instruments:

Servicing costs depend on the quality of fittings to be used on the instruments. We will give you an estimate on the fittings that are appropriate to the value of your instrument when you bring it in for serving.

A complete service on a stringed instrument may include some or all of the following:

  • Replacement of bridge (from $60 for violin, from $120 for cello)
  • Treatment of pegs (from $15)
  • Replacement of tail piece (from $20)
  • Replacement of strings (from $35)
  • Re-fitting of sound post (from $10)

Please note: at present we do not re-hair bows. We are happy to refer you elsewhere in Perth if you require this service.


We do not offer general servicing or outside tuning of pianos, however we are happy to refer you to our own trusted repairers, tuners and technicians.

How do I book in a service?

Give us a call to book in a service on 9244 9559.

How long will it take to service my instrument?

The length of time may vary dependent on the extent of the work to be carried out and the time of year. February and March are the busiest times of year for servicing as the school year recommences.

In general,  the service of an instrument will be completed in  3 to 4 days, however this is not always possible. Please allow for adequate time to service your instrument.

Small issues are sometimes  fixed on the spot or within a day. If an instrument has sustained serious damage, we may need to keep it for a week or longer.


Will you service an instrument not purchased at your shop?

Unfortunately, we are not able to service brass or woodwind instruments bought elsewhere. As we have a large hire program and offer shop warranties, we are very busy with servicing our own instruments.

We do, however, service all string instruments whether they were bought from our store or not.

What does the WA Music warranty entail?

Instruments bought at WA Music come with different lengths of warranties. All warranties cover manufacturing faults and issues with the body of the instrument that are not caused by damage.

All warranty work is completed on the premises and does not have to be sent away. Where damage has been done to an instrument, a charge will incur for the repair.

Please note that a warranty does not cover general wear and tear. Regular servicing should be undertaken to preserve the life of your instrument.

Faults deemed to be caused due to a lack of servicing or maintenance are not considered a warranty issue and will attract a charge.

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