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Piano Buying Guide



Here at W.A Music Co we have met so many people that have been overwhelmed with the difficult task of buying a piano for their family. Not an easy task, especially for people that are unsure of what they are looking for. Hopefully this brief outline of what to look for when buying a piano may be of help to you.



New or Second Hand ?

Simple question, difficult answer.

Second hand can be an attractive option for people concerned about an initial outlay, but is it good value ?

The concern we have with “cheap pianos” purchased through Gumtree is that they are often in dire need of repair work. We have seen first hand, condemned pianos being taken from the tip and sold second hand.

We have seen friendships dissolve over shoddy piano purchases. People wittingly or otherwise pass their unusable piano on to friends and family. This can be a frustrating and costly process.

This is why we recommend to have professional advice when purchasing your piano. If you are looking to purchase a piano through Gumtree, it would be a good idea to have an assessment by a reputable technician. It is also important to be aware of transport costs and tuning costs once you have purchased a piano.

Here at W.A Company we generally always have a selection of inexpensive second hand pianos that come with free delivery* and a warranty for piece of mind. People often assume Gumtree will be cheaper than buying from a shop but this isn’t true. We regularly have ex-rental or trade-in pianos that we are looking to clear for space. We only sell pianos that work perfectly and dispose of any pianos that are going to become a problem.

*(Perth metro area, maax 4 steps)

Japanese Refurbished Piano

Our most popular second hand piano range is our ex Japanese pianos. They couple the excellence of traditional Japanese quality, but are fully refurbished to new condition.[60]

Yamaha YUX Upright Piano Second Hand-WA-Music-Co

Yamaha YUX Upright Piano Second Hand

New Pianos

There are a lot more brands of modern day pianos than there are companies. A number of large factories are making pianos under licence for a number of different companies.  In similar fashion to cars, modern Chinese made pianos have become more affordable and of comparable quality to some traditionally respected names. So many well known brands are now manufacturing the majority of their pianos and parts in China and Indonesia. 20 years ago Chinese piano brands were rightfully treated with apprehension, but things are different today. Some of the finest pianos are now made by Chinese companies and are often very well priced.

Some well known and respected Chinese brands include, Kayserburg and Ritmuller.



Technical Checklist

A quick checklist when purchasing a piano. If in doubt consult a professional.

  1. Sound board – Is it solid or ply ? Check for cracks or deterioration.
  2. Pins – check for tight tuning pins for proper tuning stability.
  3. Overdamper versus underdamper action – Although the overdamper action is becoming rare with time, they should be avoided.
  4. Piano Action – Check for regulation and detereioration issues. A faulty action can be very expensive to repair.
  5. Body condition – Although largely a question of aesthetics, the condition of the body affects the price of the piano.



If you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss, please contact W.A Music Co for further information.

We have been in the industry for many years and have a number of very happy customers.








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