Choosing The Right Piano For You !

Spending time choosing the right piano for you will save you money in the long run. Finding the right piano to suit your family can be a daunting task, but also very rewarding. A piano is unlike any other instrument as it is also a piece of furniture. It is common for people to chose a piano based on looks as much as performance. Most modern pianos come in a shiny lacquer finish, but there are also some wonderful traditional pianos with solid wood cases.


Why do I want a piano ?

Starting for the first time? Perhaps your kids have shown an interest ?

The nice thing about having a piano in the family is that it doesn’t end up in the cupboard next to the karate suit and the bread maker. It is irresistible sitting there in the living room. It demands to be played.  We often hear of people giving up at busy times in their life only to return at a later stage. Better quality pianos last the distance and hold there value.


What Brands I should consider

There are a number of brands that people are aware of like Yamaha and Kawai, but there are now a lot more top quality instruments in the market. REmember the days when you could only buy a Holden or a For car. Those days have changed in the music world too. The Ritmuller, Schumann and Kayserburg pianos are superb quality instruments that are amazing value for money. The Kayserburg 132M is a profesional sized instrument at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.



The first person you should speak to is your teacher. A good teacher usually has a fair knowledge of the market place. Be aware that there are some retailers that pay a commission to a teacher to sell there products. The issue is that often the student is unaware of the transaction. W.A Music Co has NEVER paid a commission to a teacher. Any recommendations we receive are based on opinion. Ask your teacher and retailer, as it is a surprisingly common practice.

Avoid the Cheap Trap !


Yes I said trap ! Too often we hear of people buying pianos for $1000 dollars that can not be tuned. There are lots of things under the “hood” of a piano that can cause issues too expensive to repair. Even though the piano may seem o.k now, once you have it home the problems begin to mount up. We hear it all the time. Unfortunately so many talented students give up because of frustrating, poor quality instruments. There is no better way to encourage a child to play than with a properly functioning instrument. Cheap pianos are also very hard to resell. Top quality instruments sell themselves. The other obvious issue are warranty issues.



The Importance of a Warranty

Having a good long warranty from a reputable dealer is so important when buying a piano. Every time you have a problem with a “dodgy” piano, you will need to pay a call out fee to have someone visit your house (pianos aren’t the easiest instrument take into the repair shop!). Obviously this becomes an expensive exercise. Even worse if the problems are significant. Not to mention the dead time while you are waiting for your piano to be fixed.

Here at W.A Music Co our pianos all come with warranties to protect you against such a costly and frustrating experience. We attend to even the smallest issue as we want you to love your piano !