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When choosing a trumpet, there are various factors that must be considered. Build quality is particularly important among beginner players to ensure the instrument doesn’t dent too easily. Accurate intonation is also vital – enabling a harmonious sound to be created in ensemble playing.

Our Martin and Yamaha Bb student / intermediate trumpets are by far our most popular. At our Perth-based store, WA Music ensures all trumpets it stocks have accurate intonation, excellent build quality and produce a lovely tone. Our range spans across numerous brands from student Yamaha YTR 2330 trumpets through to professional Bach Stradivarius 37s.

We encourage anyone curious in trumpeting or music in general to come down to our store and try out our instruments. If you aren’t ready to go ahead and purchase an instrument, we also offer hire instruments for $28 per month. We pride ourselves in offering one of the best range of trumpets in Australia.