The Realist Docking Station


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The Realist Docking Station is a no-fuss dock and volume knob that works with any (acoustic) string bass pickup. This “Universal Volume Attenuator” mounts to the instrument’s tailpiece without glue or fasteners. The ¼” input and ¼” output allows seamless integration to the player’s current set-up. The volume attenuation is provided by a sleek anodized knob clearly visible and within the player’s reach so that he or she can clearly adjust on-the-fly.

The Docking Station also features The Jack-Pottm, a potentiometer that allows the resistance to be bypassed entirely. The Jack-Pot allows the player to “click” into a final, unresisted stage beyond the loudest setting. À la This Is Spinal Tap, this pot lets you “go all the way up to eleven.”

The Docking Station solves jack mounting problems too. The cable is dressed away neatly from the ¼” output without additional hardware. The tension of the strings holds The Docking Station to the tailpiece, like the “loop” from the industry standard Realist Copperhead pickups.