Wooden Oboe Reed Case (3 Reeds)



Wooden Oboe Reed Case

These beautiful wooden reed cases are perfect for student and professional oboists alike!

Where you store your reed can affect how long it will last.  All reeds need to be stored in a container that protects the reed from being damaged between uses and that allows proper ventilation, allowing the reed to fully dry out between uses.The best cases are wooden ones where there are holes drilled into the case for ventilation and where the reed rests in between foam or ribbon and not on pegs (pegs can sometimes cause the tube to rot if the reed is pressed down too hard on the pegs preventing good air flow).

Wooden Oboe Reed Case Features:

  • Fine, sturdy wood exterior.
  • Felt interior
  • Dark Brown Colour
  • Magnetic mechanism
  • Ventilation gap for air circulation
  • For 3 reeds

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