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Armstrong Werth English Horn/Cor Anglais

The AW English Horn stands as an exceptional choice for professional musicians, boasting a meticulously crafted design that elevates its performance to unparalleled heights. This premier instrument features a custom-designed bore, meticulously engineered to produce a luxuriously rich sound teeming with harmonics and unwavering stability.

Engineered with precision, the conservatoire system’s robust keywork not only ensures mechanical security but also flaunts a lavish layer of silverplate. This not only enhances the instrument’s durability but also adds a touch of elegance to its aesthetic. Crafted from carefully selected and seasoned African Blackwood, the body of this English Horn guarantees projection and resonance that will endure the test of time, making it a reliable companion for musicians for many years to come.

The Armstrong Werth English Horn comes complete with a range of features that enhance its playability and convenience. Encased in a hard protective case, the instrument is safeguarded during transit and storage. The semi-automatic configuration adds to its user-friendly design, allowing musicians to navigate its features with ease.

Included with the English Horn are two hand-made solid silver bocals, ensuring versatility and exceptional tonal quality. The outside case, adorned with a distinctive stripe, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also facilitates easy identification. Additionally, the package includes 1 Marengo Reed along with a reeds case, catering to the nuanced preferences of musicians. The Armstrong Werth English Horn is a masterpiece of musical craftsmanship, offering a harmonious blend of artistry, durability, and functionality.

Armstrong Werth English Horn Features:

  • Hard protective case
  • Semi-automatic configuration
  • 2 hand-made solid silver bocals
  • Outside case with stripe
  • 1 Marengo Reed + Reeds Case

Lovely tone, stable tuning and responsive in most registers (might need an open reed for down low).

Armstrong Werth English Horn – YouTube

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