Yamaha UX1 Refurbished Upright Piano (SN4231600)



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Yamaha UX1 Refurbished Upright Piano (SN4231600)

Manufacture in Japan in 1986, this Yamaha UX-1 is a piano that out performs its size, offering a dynamic range akin to that of a 131cm piano. The bass is powerful and thunderous when needed, while the treble is bright and brilliant. The wide range of tonal colours are easily controlled by the fully refurbished, perfectly regulated, and extremely responsive action.

The UX-1 design features a unique front panel with sound escapement, enabling a channel of sound direct from the soundboard to the player, creating an experience similar to that of playing a grand piano.

Other premium features include the X-shaped backpost assembly for improved tuning stability and projection (a feature no longer available in new Yamaha pianos) nickel-plated tuning pins for improved resistance to rust (a particularly useful feature for those living on the coast) and a high grade of solid spruce wood in the soundboard for clarity and sustain.

Refurbishment on our pianos:

  • New keytops
  • New front rail felt washers and paper levelling washers
  • New balance rail feet washers and paper levelling washers
  • New key front and middle bushing (inside feet)
  • Back rail cloth replaced
  • Hammer head reshaped
  • Cabinetry – minor scratches cut and polished out resprayed if necessary.
  • Brass work polished
  • Loop string
  • Bridle strap replaced if required
  • Full interior clean

This Yamaha UX1 SN4231600 Piano comes with: 

  • 10-year warranty
  • New bench stool
  • Free delivery (Perth Metro, max 4 stairs and
  • Free in-house tuning within six months of purchase

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