Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow


Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow

Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bows are a popular bow for those looking to upgrade from a student bow to a more advanced bow. The benefit of carbon fibre is its durability. Carbon fibre, as opposed to wood is not prone to warping or having weak points in the way that wood, as a natural material, can.

The Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow has the added benefit of being constructed with a braided weaved carbon fibre giving it added strength.

These bows are lighter than student bows and as such, provided responsiveness and agility whilst playing more advanced pieces.

The Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow is suitable for advanced beginners through to intermediate players.

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The Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow showcases a woven carbon fibre sheath, and the nickel-mounted ebony frog features Parisian eyes for decorative accents. Craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous braiding of carbon fibre, highlighting a robust construction that ensures both longevity and reliability.

The Schumann Bow, lighter than standard student bows, enhances responsiveness and agility. This makes it an ideal choice for players advancing to more complex musical pieces. Tailored for advanced beginners through to intermediate players, this bow achieves a perfect balance between durability and a feather-light design, offering the strength needed for longevity and the flexibility required for nuanced playing.

Elevate your musical performance with the Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Cello Bow. Upgrade your playing experience and explore the versatility this exceptional bow brings to your musical journey.


Opting for a carbon fibre bow over a wood bow depends on various factors, often reflecting the preferences and priorities of the individual musician. Consider the following reasons for choosing a carbon fiber bow:

Durability and Resistance. Carbon fibre bows resist changes in humidity and temperature, providing a reliable choice for different climates without warping or damage.

Consistent Performance. Precision manufacturing ensures stable characteristics over time, offering consistency in performance compared to wooden bows that may vary with environmental conditions.

Stability. Carbon fibre bows are less susceptible to changes in shape or structure, maintaining playability and responsiveness without frequent adjustments.

Lighter Design. Engineered to be lighter than wooden counterparts, carbon fibre bows enhance agility and responsiveness, ideal for players tackling advanced pieces.

Affordability. Carbon fibre bows often offer more affordable options while providing excellent performance, making them an attractive choice for musicians on a budget.

Customization. Carbon fibre bows can be designed with specific playing characteristics, allowing players to choose bows catering to their preferred style in a way that may be harder to achieve with traditional wooden bows.

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