Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest


Bonmusica Violin shoulder rests have comfortable thick foam padding along a metal base with a ‘hook’ that rests over the player’s shoulder to stop the violin from sliding down. The whole shoulder rest can be manipulated to fit the exact contour of the players chest/shoulder so that it fits the player perfectly.

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Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rests have a unique design that allows for stability, flexibility and comfort. The Bonmusica is adjustable in height, sideways slant, length over the shoulder.


– Specially engineered hook shape which rests over your shoulder and stops the violin from slipping.

– Thick foam padding for extra comfort – 6mm.

– Rubber and foam on feet to protect your instrument.

– Adjustable; Different parts of the rest can be shortened or lengthened slightly and offset/slanted to achieve the best fit to the instrument. Metal body of the rest can also be bent/manipulated to better fit the contour of your chest/shoulder.

– Replaceable parts available for each element of the shoulder rest.

– Shoulder Rest comes with two feet; one short foot (35mm) and one long foot (50mm). Extra height can be achieved by swapping to longer feet. The extra-long feet are 60mm.

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