VLM Augustin 3D Adjustable Chin Rest


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VLM Augustin 3D Chin Rest

The VLM Augustin 3D Adjustable Chin Rest is a premium choice for relaxed playing.

This chinrest has been designed to be adaptable to the individual needs of violin players, offering numerous adjustment possibilities. The adjustments allow for comfort regardless of the height of the players neck and differences in posture. It also allows relief for those players who are prone to skin reactions to other chinrests.

Some skin types react negatively to the nickel or unique metals found in the screws used on some chin rests, which exacerbates any adverse reaction caused by the chin rest rubbing and chafing on the skin during practice or performing. The ceramic NANO coating on the surface of the Augustin 3D Adjustable chin rest, prevents allergic reactions on the skin. The coating creates an almost completely even and hydrophobic surface, which repels water, dirt, bacteria, dust and other materials. It is safe for skin contact and is dermatologically tested. The antimicrobial protection is free of fluorine as well as other halogens. The smooth form design of the Augustin 3D Adjustable chin rests prevents rubbing and chafing on the skin. The TITANUM Chinrest screws are extremely light weight, and also cause no problems for skin allergies as does the hypoallergenic plastic material of the chin rest plate.

Any issues with muscle tension and discomfort can be remedied through the multi-positional adjustments that this chinrest allows. The Viva Augustin 3D chinrest allows for repositioning 3 ways in height, position and angle, counteracting any discomfort or posture issues that the player is experiencing. The versatility of this chinrest makes it a perfect companion for any serious violin player.

For information about this chin rest, please click on the following link:

AUGUSTIN 3D ADJUSTABLE CHIN REST (augustin-chinrest.com)