Scott Cao STV1500 Modern Varnish Violin

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Scott Cao STV1500 Modern Varnish Violin

The Scott Cao 1500 series violins feature an exact copy varnish along with the highest quality Bosnian maple and Italian spruce woods aged 20+ years. Scott Cao is one of if not the most well-known Chinese makers. His violins are owned and played regularly by virtuosos and collected internationally. Scott Shu-Kun Cao was born in Guangzhou, 1956 into a musical family. Growing up, he loved playing numerous instruments. Following that passion, he was admitted to the Guangzhou No. 2 Light Industry Municipal Bureau Professional Technical School where he studied violin making with Xu Fu and Liang Guo Hui.

Scott Cao STV1500 Violin Features:

  • Modern varnish
  • Finest quality aged Bosnian maple
  • Italian spruce
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Box wood fittings
  • Made in USA.

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