Jay Haide Statue Model Guarneri Violin

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Jay Haide instruments are hand-made of quality seasoned maple and spruce. These violins embody the tonal qualities and workmanship normally found in instruments only at a professional level.

The L’Ancienne model violins are made with superior grade wood and are hand varnished and finished with an antiqued patina that compliments their depth of tone. Jay Haide L’Ancienne violins are often mistaken for much older instruments as their tone is consistent with the richness of vintage violins. In addition, their appearance, with detailed patterning is reminiscent of the aged wear of fine old European instruments.

Jay Haide violins are made in 4 patterns: Stradivarius, Balastrieri, Guadagnini and Guarneri. Each pattern has its own feel and voice.

The statue violin model is made of European wood chosen for tone. It has a delicately flamed back which accentuates the richness of its auburn shades and unique varnish.


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