Vintage Violin European Circa 1920s VN1667


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Vintage Violin European VN1667

This attractive European violin hails from the 1920s and comes to us with a pleasing golden-brown finish and no cracks on the body of the instrument. This violin is labelled as a ‘Stainer copy’ and has been fitted with a ZMT tailpiece and Wittner geared pegs. It has been fitted with a Pirastro Obligato extended G string, and Kaplan Amo D, A and E strings.

Why choose this Vintage European Violin VN1667? A vintage violin is simply a violin that was made at least 100 years ago. These violins are typically made with higher quality materials and craftsmanship than their more modern counterparts, which is one reason why they can be so expensive. Many people believe that vintage violins have a richer, fuller sound than newer ones as well.

At WA Music Co, we have the largest collection of vintage stringed instruments in WA. Our instruments range from beginner to professional models, with the majority being of European make.

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