Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet – 3 years free servicing included

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Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet

***3 year warranty, and 3 years free servicing included***

The Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet is the perfect instrument for a student.

Ease of Play

The YCL 255 is one of the easiest student instruments to play, making it perfect for students. The tonal colour and intonation makes playing this instrument a rewarding experience for any student. The Yamaha 4C mouthpiece also makes learning very enjoyable and straightforward.


The Instrument

Some of the features of the 255 model are:

  • a newly designed adjustable thumb rest to accommodate different sized hands
  • scalloping inside the bell for better sound projection
  • synthetic Valentino pads for long life
  • matte finish

The clarinet comes with

  • A Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece
  • A protective carry case
  • A nickel plated ligature

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this clarinet. Come in and try this instrument for yourself.