Yamaha piano

Yamaha Piano

Why a refurbished Yamaha Piano ?

The 1970’s and 1980’s were known as the “Golden age” of Yamaha piano making in Japan. This is an era in which no expense was spared in producing fine quality instruments. When buying a refurbished Yamaha Piano from W.A Music Co, you enjoy the benefit of such quality coupled with “as new” reliability.

A Brief History of Yamaha Pianos

The Yamaha Corporation began its inception as Nippon Gakki in 1897. It was not until 1900 that the first Yamaha pianos were produced. Within 60 years the company had grown quickly and had sharply increased its manufacturing base. As the Japanese economy grew, so to did the range of different products that Yamaha were producing. Yamaha were producing high quality goods such as motorbikes, sports equipment and lifestyle goods. 

In the mid part of the 20th century European and American Pianos dominated the international piano market. Brands such as Steinway and Bosendorfer headed off a very competitive market place. Pianos had always been a prestigious item and were an extremely expensive item. Yamaha sought to enter the world market by manufacturing high quality instruments that were more affordable than there European counterparts.

By 1960 Yamaha had began exporting pianos from Japan onto the world stage


Yamaha on the world stage

1960 was a key year in the Yamaha corporations history on the world stage. Finally after supplying the domestic market for 60 years, Yamaha pianos were exported world wide. Early instruments were greeted with skepticism by a market that had been dominated by European and American instruments.

The very first instruments had some technical issues and were criticised for the dryness of their pin blocks and cases. Within a short period of time these issues were rectified, and throughout the 1960’s there popularity increased.

By the 1970’s Yamaha pianos had broken the shackles of  being a “cheap” piano and were becoming one of the most sought after brands.


The 1970’s and 80’s Golden Era

During the 1970’s and 1980’s Japan’s economic manufacturing base grew dramatically. Everything from cars to electronics were being prized for their quality and value for money.

This was also true for Yamaha pianos. As traditional European and American piano manufacturers began to crumble, Yamaha pianos rose to prominence as the market leader. There attention to quality and detail was second to none. The once questionable tonal qualities were now highly sought after for their bright, enduring tone. 

Even today, the 1970’s and 1980’s are regarded by most to be the zenith of Yamaha piano making and is often referred to as the “Golden “Era”


1990’s and beyond

With the emergence of “price based” Chinese products and a stumbling Japanese economy, Japanese products lost there place in the world market. This was no different in the Piano market. Yamaha pianos were struggling to compete with increasingly high quality Chinese made pianos. Like so many popular brands, Yamaha were forced to seek more cost effective manufacturing means to compete in the world market. Yamaha now produce a large percentage of their pianos in Indonesia to better compete with the Chinese market.

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