Yamaha Pianos Perth

Where is the best place to buy a Yamaha Piano in Perth?

There are a number of option to consider to buying a Yamaha piano. There are a lot of different models out there. Which one is right for you ? Grand or Upright ? Does it matter what size piano you have?


The Value of Pre Loved Yamaha Instruments

The value of preloved instruments starts at price. They are always cheaper for a comparable new product. It is sometimes hard to compare directly, as many modern Yamaha pianos are made in Indoneseia.  The pianos that we deal in are all made in Japan. They are refurbished in Japan to the highest specifications. 

It is easy to see the quality of Japanese made pianos.


Upright Piano heights

A lot of people are confused why there teacher like them to have a tall piano. For example, why buy a Yamaha U1 over a Yamaha U3 ? The Yamaha U1 piano is 121cm tall, the Yamaha U3 is 131cm tall. A larger piano typically has a stronger, more powerful sound. The bigger the piano the bigger the sound. A 130cm height piano is where professional pianos start at.

This is why musicians love grand pianos.


Grand Piano lengths

The length of Yamaha grand pianos makes a huge difference to sound. The longer strings and bigger sound board are very important. This is why concert halls have such long pianos. Musicians revere them for sound. They also look spectacular. Many people choose grand pianos purely for aesthetics. They are generally more expensive. You will always pay more for a Yamaha C5 over a Yamaha C3 grand piano. There is bad new though ! They are always more expensive.



Why  bigger pianos are more expensive

A Taller piano has  a larger soundboard, larger frame and much longer strings. The strings are strung on an angle, so a piano that is 10cm taller has strings significantly longer than an extra 10cm. This significantly increases the weight of a piano. This also increase the manufacturing costs. This makes re loved pianos so popular.

Our best sellers :

Yamaha U1:

Superb quality piano, 121cm tall. Perfect for smaller houses.

Yamaha U1 Piano, Ex Japan Refurbished

Yamaha U3:

Standing at 131cm tall, the Yamaha U3 offers a professional size and sound.

Yamaha U3 Upright Pianos – Ex Japan, refurbished


Yamaha UX3/YUX:

An Elite piano, with superb intonation and tuning stability.

Yamaha UX3 Upright Piano Second Hand