Buying a ‘real’ acoustic piano vs a digital piano

We sell both digital and acoustic pianos at WA Music. While there are some instances in which a digital piano may be the only option, in general we recommend buying an acoustic piano.
For students in small, rented accommodation, or those foreseeing regular house moves in the future, a digital piano may be an attractive option. When volume of playing is an issue (living with flat mates or if your playing is unbearably bad) having headphones may be helpful. In this case, we would recommend a top quality digital piano. More…

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Repairs and Servicing:

WA Music offers a complete set up and repair service to support our musical instrument sales.

Musical Instruments:
We service clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombones and saxophones. The price of a service starts from $35.00. Please note, we accept instruments for servicing which have not been sold by us, depending on our workload. Please give us a call to discuss our current wait times for servicing/ repair. More…

Instrument Hire / Rentals

HireHireHiring an instrument is a convenient, low cost option for students. We rent high quality violins, violas, cellos, saxophones, flutes, trumpets, trombones, French horns and pianos.

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