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Yamaha UX10BL Refurbished Upright Piano (SN4862652)

Purchasing a piano is a daunting task. We have heard so many stories of people who have purchased pianos and have been unhappy with after sales service. The initial purchase price of an instrument is obviously important but doesn’t always reflect real value for money!

10 Year Warranties on refurbished Yamaha Pianos-Why we do it

When looking for a refurbished Yamaha Piano it is important to consider the length of the warranty. Why are some warranties 1 year, some 5 years and some 10 years?

The answer is simple.

All our refurbished top line Yamaha pianos have been selected by hand and refurbished to the highest standard. We have so much faith in their durability that we are more than happy to support them for 10 years. These fully Japanese refurbished pianos will more than likely last 30 years or more with no loss of quality, so we can confidently offer a warranty comparable to a brand-new piano.

The advantage of a family run business

When you buy a piano from W.A Music Co you are buying a piano that has been hand selected, regulated and tuned by a family run business.  We are passionate about what we do, and the instruments we sell. This is testimony to the great success of our business in an extremely tough market. Unlike other music shops, we do not turn over staff, as we own and run the business. Buy a piano today, and you will be able to speak to the person who sold you the piano in 10 years time. We aren’t going anywhere!

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