Grevillea Mouthpiece Cushions 0.8mm


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Grevillea Mouthpiece Cushions


  • Black mouthpiece cushions.
  • Come in a pack of 6.
  • 0.8mm Large size.
  • For clarinet and saxophone

Why using Grevillea mouthpiece cushions?

  1. The patch protects the mouthpiece from being scratched by the teeth.
  2. They allow the teeth to grip the mouthpiece slightly which helps to keep the instrument a little more stable.
  3. They also dampen some of the vibrations that would ordinarily go through the teeth, which especially on the larger instruments (Baritone Sax, Bass/ContraBass Clarinets etc.) can be very uncomfortable otherwise.

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Why use Mouthpiece Patches? – McGill Music Sax School Online

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