Le Blanc Bb Clarinet Ligatures


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Le Blanc Bb Clarinet Ligatures are, nickel-plated clarinet ligatures are excellent for all up-and-coming clarinetists. Le Blanc Bb Clarinet ligatures have set the industry standard for craftsmanship and playability. The ligatures are made of deluxe extra-sturdy metal and are nickel-plated for long use. These ligatures are a traditional style of ligature are those whose screw(s) are on the reed (bottom) side of the mouthpiece, closer to your lower teeth and lip.

A clarinet ligature in a crucial component in clarinet performance. The ligature ensures secure attachment of the reed to the mouthpiece, influencing the instrument’s tone, stability, and overall sound quality. Explore the impact of different ligatures on articulation, projection, and tonal color, allowing musicians to fine-tune their sound to perfection. Explore WA Music’s range of ligatures for clarinet and saxophone today!