Jakob Winter Green Line Shaped Viola 15″-16.5″ Case – Grey


Jakob Winter Slimline GreenLine Viola 15″-16.5″ Case

Jakob Winter – Cases and boxes for valuable musical instruments

Viola cases from natural fibers

  • Slim shaped case from renewable natural fibres
  • Water repellent covering material
  • Inside lining consists of 100 % high quality cotton velvet
  • Polystyrene insert for excellent protection
  • Suspension system
  • 2 hill-style bow holders
  • 2 latches
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 carrying straps and backpack system
  • Lightweight

GreenLine Viola Cases

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JW 51015 V15“-16,5“ Viola1,40 kg

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Jakob Winter Green Line Shaped Viola 15″-16.5″ Case

Jakob Winter Green Line Shaped Viola 15″-16.5″ Case

Outside Features:
– Material technology from renewable natural fibers
– No use of toxic glues due to One -Shot press technique
– Resistant, shock absorbing hard cover
– Water repellent and weather resistant
– Lightweight build to maximize low weight and optimized for easy -carry
– 2 Easy -Access locks
– Backpack system with 2 carrying straps
– Comfortable non -slip soft handle

Inside Features:
– Inside lining consists of high quality, eco -friendly cotton velvet
– Odorless inside as no toxic glues are used
– Polystyrene insert instrument protection system for optimal protection
– Suspension system for shock protection
– Accessory pocket
– 2 Hill -style bow holders