ASARI Fusion Violin Bow


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ASARI Fusion Violin Bow – a fusion of traditional bow making techniques and finishes combining the use of modern materials. These bows are finely detailed bows using carbon filament technology.

ASARI Fusion are both strong and agile and produce a powerful and warm tone.

Features include:

  • carbon filament stick
  • snakewood frog
  • silver mounting
  • silver/ acrylic winding

The shaft of an Asari Fusion Violin Bow is defined by markings conducive of a raw material in its natural state.

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For string instruments, the bow is considered of equal importance as the actual instrument itself; it is of course what creates the sound. We understand that the huge selection of different types of bows can be confusing (especially with our huge range of products). This is why we strongly encourage any string player to come in to our store and try these products. This will allow you to get a feel for what will work for you and help you choose the perfect instrument, bow or whatever it is you want.

Bows in particular involve a lot of patience and hands on playing to find the right one. A high quality bow like an Asari Fusion is no different. It is important to play on many different bow to ensure it possesses all the perfect qualities for your style.